French Scopitones Special Edition - Volume 8


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All new transfers! Amazingly bright colors. Professionally transferred directly from the films with primary & secondary color correction, Digital Video & Noise Reduction, picture level, contrast and enhancement adjustments. Almost all films are new to our collections, any that are not are major upgrades in sound and picture. Scopitone is a "Film Jukebox" invented in France in the early 1960's (from surplus World War II airplane parts!) and also the films (the precursors of todays music videos) which played on it. http://scopitones.com/
A-327 Noel Cordier -  Cheese (dir. Daidy Davis-Boyer)A-243 Pierre Perret - Toutes Comme Ça (dir. Gerard Sire)A-369 Adamo - VivreA-8 Marie-Hélène - TruddieA-428 David Alexander Winter - A Quel Printemps Viendras-Tu Ma BelleA-245 Martine Cerdan - Le Chant du Pirate (The Pirate Song)A-445 Charles Aznavour - La Bohème (dir. Daidy Davis-Boyer)A-312 Enrico Macias - J'ai Peur (dir. Alain Brunet)A-425 Adamo - Mon Cinéma (dir. Daidy Davis-Boyer)A-16 Jacques Helian et Son Orchestre - Chi Chi Honolulu (dir. Alexandre Tarta)A-285 Marcel Amont - Tigresse (dir. Sonnier Wamber)GE-735 Julien Clerc - Mon Coeur Est Un VolcanA-416 Nicole Croisille - Quand Nous N'aurons Que La TendresseA-88 Nino de Murcia - El Emigrante (The Emigrant)A-314 Gerard La Vigny et son orchestre - Antillais Ça C'est La MerengueAD-32 Heidi Brühl - Dreh Dich UmA-111 Les Alcarson - EsperanzaA-151 Los Machucambos - Granada (dir. Claude Lelouch)CI-718 Maurice Larcange - Le P'tit Bal Du Samedi SoirA-251 Philippe Clay - Je Suis Sous
1960's Juke Box Movies Scopitones French Pop Ye-Ye Girls

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