French Scopitones Special Edition - Volume 6


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Les Surfs, Dalida, Yvette Horner, Petula Clark, Lucky Blondo, Sylvie Vartan & more.  All new transfers! Amazingly bright colors. Professionally transferred directly from the films with primary & secondary color correction, Digital Video & Noise Reduction, picture level, contrast and enhancement adjustments. Almost all films are new to our collections, any that are not are major upgrades in sound and picture.
What's A Scopitone? It's a "Film Jukebox" invented in France in the early 1960's (from surplus World War II airplane parts!) and also the films (the precursors of todays music videos) which played on it. http://scopitones.com/A-73 Paola - Les CriquetsA-225 - Les Surfs - Adieu MarinA-233 - Dalida - Viva La Papa (dir. Gerard Sire)A-269 - Guy Marchand -  Rumba (dir. Daidy Davis-Boyer)A-68 - Colette Deréal -  Tu Dors (dir. Alexandre Tarta)A-1 - Gloria Lasso - Vénus (dir. Daidy Davis-Boyer)A-98 - Yvette Horner - En Glissant (dir. Alexandre Tarta)A-405 - David Alexander Winter - Lady Mary (dir. Alain Brunet)A-247 - Liz Brady - Comme Tu Es Jeunes (dir. Gerard Sire)GE-743 - Michel Delpech - Pour Un FlirtA-67 - Petula Clark - Calcutta (dir. Alexandre Tarta)GE-734 - Michel Fugain - Le SoleilA-172 - Lucky Blondo - L'Autre Nuit (dir. Daniel Lecomte)A-65 - Henri Salvador - Cid Rock (dir. Alexandre Tarta)A-231 - Sylvie Vartan - Je Voudrais Être Un Garçon (dir. Gerard Sire)A-347 - John William - La Dernière ValseA-449 - Enny Dual - Nus Au SoleilGDR-3 - Maurice Larcange - Reine de musetteA-390 - Raoul de Godewarsvelde - Quand La Mer Monte (dir. Alain Brunet)A-302 - Christian Marin & Roger Delaporte - Le Catch (dir. Eddy Naka)
Dalida Petula Clark Sylvie Vartan 1960's Juke Box Movies Scopitones French Pop Ye-Ye Girls

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