Stiff Records: Volume Three & Volume Four


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2 disc set Features the documentaries Son of Stiff, Madness - Young Guns Go for It, The Kursaal Flyers - So You Wanna Be A Rock'n' Roll Star?, Ian Dury: On My Life & The Great Hunger: The Life And Songs Of Shane MacGowan. Plus live performances by Ian Dury & The Blockheads & Lene Lovich - Stiff Records is a record label created in London in 1976, by entrepreneurs Dave Robinson and aka Jake Riviera. Established at the outset of the punk rock boom, Stiff Records signed pub rock acts and marketed them as punk and New Wave, including Nick Lowe, Wreckless Eric, Plummet Airlines, Elvis Costello and Ian Dury.

Disc # 1 -  SON OF STIFF (1981) Documentary recalling a 1980 European tour by five up-and-coming bands signed to Stiff Records. The artists travelled on one bus, and the inevitable mayhem that ensued was captured in this period-piece road movie. Featuring Tenpole Tudor, Dirty Looks, The Equators, Any Trouble and Joe King Carrasco and The Crowns.Madness - Young Guns Go for It - United by a love of ska music and skinhead style, seven mates from London's Camden Town became the 1980s most distinctively English pop band - Madness. Members of the band reflect on brushes with National Front, hits, splits and their reunion concert. DURATION: 39 MINUTESSo You Wanna Be A Rock'n' Roll Star?  - A fly-on-the-wall chronicle of aspiring Southend band The Kursaal Flyers; a film sometimes thought to have influenced Spinal Tap. The Kursaal Flyers were the satirist-jokers of pub rock, acutely aware of Rock'n'Roll’s illusions and yet drawn to the possibility of major success. Good nights, bad nights, the thrill of the stage and dubious encounters with groupies: the band emerge as characters who are larger than life and yet all-too-human.
Disc #2 - Ian Dury: On My Life - Autobiographical documentary in which Ian Dury, fighting a battle with cancer to which he would later succumb, recalls his life and career. Including contributions from painter Peter Blake and members of Dury's band, the Blockheads DURATION: 1 HOURIan Dury & The Blockheads - Live in Luton, April 1999Lene Lovich - Rock Goes To College 1980 (BBC TV Concert)The Great Hunger: The Life And Songs Of Shane MacGowan. - In the BBC documentary  a host of Ireland’s most celebrated musicians pay tribute to the former Pogue in such reverent a fashion that if one didn’t know otherwise, one would presume him recently dead. Bono proclaims him the greatest songwriter Ireland has ever produced, Christy Moore effectively suggests that the sun shines out of an orifice best left unexplored, while Sinead O’Connor calls him a genius who works only on two engines. ."Imagine if he operated on the full four" she ruminates, before going on to worry about the state of his health.
Any Trouble Dirty Looks Ian Dury Joe King Carrasco Lene Lovich Madness Shane MacGowan Tenpole Tudor The Equators The Kursaal Flyers The Pogues 1970's 1980's Stiff Records New Wave Post-Punk Pub Rock Punk Rock

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